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About us

Maria and Thomas are committed to sourcing products that are either eco-friendly, made from a small business or from a business that is committed to ethical, fair-trade standards. They have been implementing these practices for the past 10 years in their busy restaurant and even longer in their personal lives!

When speaking about eco-friendly, Maria and Thomas are sourcing products that either come from a sustainable and/or biodegradable material or at the least a material that is an alternative to a harsher fabric, product, etc. Harsher, either in the aspect of the material itself is harsher on the earth or the manufacturing process. These products may be manufactured on a large or small scale.

In the shop you will find goods made by small businesses, globally and locally. These products may or may not meet the eco-friendly criteria, but the money that you spend directly goes to supporting these fine folks and their family. No big corporate greediness!

Ethical and fair-trade practices. We buy from companies that have made public statements that they are helping to employ people near and far with fair wages, creating sustainable and equitable trade relationships, from the grower to the manufacturer. These terms are broad and encompass many different technicalities. But fairness and humanity are the heart of the process.

The goods at Avenue Grille and Goods check off at least one of these criteria. It's a really cool thing when a product or business is found that can check off all three!

As Maria and Thomas buy for the shop, they are keeping all of these morals in mind. For a better planet, a better you and a better us. Together, with the choices we make, especially about what we are consuming, we can make the world a better place!